Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An intro

We know all the things you 'aught' to do and eat - we just don't do them. Its not till you are faced with an urgent health issue that you start to take notice and make that decision that something has got to change. What we are doing and eating is not progressing us into ultimate health - just marking time.

At present we buy all organic fruit and veges. I drink ( alot I know) organic ground coffee... and alot of purified, filtered water through our wellness filter. We buy raw milk - which isn't allowed to be called milk because it hasn't gone through any processing. ... but its real milk - with thick cream on top and it tastes right... and it doesn't go off at the drop of a hat. I am gradually getting rid of everything toxic in our house - soaps, shampoos, we have no cleaning products which are toxic ( go Enjo!) though after a year of this - I am investigating in a phosphorus and sulfate free product for some of the stubborn stains.

Adrian's seizures have gotten progressively worse and longer and he has noticed his speech is slurring and not precise ( I can't notice it - but he is concerned). I can no longer continue looking the way I am. I'll be dead in a few years if I don't do something radical. I'd kind of like to be around for another 70 odd years. Enough to annoy my kids and their kids.

So - we have played with Raw a number of times, have all the toys and tools and for much of the time enjoyed doing it - but each time it seemed just to slip away. The traditional western society and foodstuffs crept back into our pantry and its always easy to blame having kids on slackness in this area.

We have access to an incredible amount of knowledge and skills in the vegan and raw community. ( thanks so much Piers and Sheryl for being in our lives!!) .. have been on seminars and workshops, cooking courses and read a huge amount... sooooooo its time to get serious.. In the past we have failed because we have been so stringent on being 100%.. and when either of us blew it, we just gave up. This time, its our hope that we make concious, healthful choices which will be sustainable on a long term basis.

This is a diary of our journey.. hope you can gain some inspiration or info from it - and please do make your comments - love to hear from you.

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