Thursday, May 21, 2009

Silverbeet Smoothie

I continue to drink at least one green smoothie a day and have been really taken by silverbeet as an ingredient.

Pictured is a typical set of ingredients in my smoothie - a banana, frozen strawberries and a stalk - or two - of sliverbeet. I don't cut it up or take out the white bits - it just gets rinsed ( for the dirt) and blended up with about a cup of water.

Silverbeet is a great source of iron, fibre, vitamin C, vitamin A and folate. Although its rich in each of these - the body can't easily absorb them If they are prepared in the 'normal way" ( ie cook the heck out of it) Becuase its so fiberous too - the body has troubel absorbing the nutrition.

However - if you drink it as a smoothie - you gain the benifit of most of the these wonderful RAW qualities. Yum...

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