Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lunch Snacks

After doing the Raw thing for a while now - some 100% other times not so much, I've decided that I prefer my fruti and veges as close to how you pick them as possible. I just can't get into the preparation and sauces etc to make them look and taste like cooked things. I think it takes away from the experience and really the taste - for me.. but then, I don't like dressing on salad or sauces.

I'm often asked what we eat normally. Here is a pici of Morgan about to tuck into lunch. I like to mix it up a bit on the plate - some nuts ( walnuts here) seeds ( pumpkin and sunflower) and cut freshness - beans picked this morning, crisp carrots and sweet manderines. The kids especially like to put two things in thier mouth and test what they are like together. Walnuts and manderines are a favourite.

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