Monday, February 23, 2009

The best choices

Unlike other times we have gone onto 100% raw, this time, we are not beating ourselves up if we have momentary lapses. This journey is about moving on and doing the best we can every breath we take. Its sometimes hard for me to do this – like yesterday when I ate 3 quarters of a sandwich. Really – get a grip – that was a huge splurge –but seriously – look at the big picture here.

I thought I’d take a photo of what goes into a green smoothie before it gets blended up. This one is using cos lettuce ( a whole head) banana, mango and some water. The inclusion of banana really smoothes it out and makes it so creamy.

I took Lilly to gymnastics class and with Jodi and Dylan decided to checkout the new ‘authentic’ Asian restaurant upstairs. The prices were amazing and the staff very friendly – but I was stuck with a dilemma – I had already decided that I would eat something cooked – but vegetarian – but none of the offerings were vego….until I spied Vege Samosa.

You know when you have an image in your head and that is what you are expecting……? When I worked in London, we had a guy come round with his huge wicker basket at lunch time – stuffed with all sorts of freshly made Indian ..things, as well as sandwiches and bagels from Brick Lane..( don’t get me dreaming about those.. oh yum,,,) I used to get for a pound – a large samosa – stuffed with veges… I had that in my mind when I ordered it today…. I ordered a large salad as well.

I should know – just don’t eat out – it always disappoints. What is it with the fascination with lettuce in a salad? Gross. My samosas were miniature curry puff things ( not sure if they had ever seen a vege though) – tasty and all -but just didn’t hit the mark I was expecting. I also have to confess in eating about 8 of Lillys chips. I wish too I could be all pious and say – oh they were gross and I didn’t enjoy them at all… nope. They were pretty damned good. Again, I am not going to get stressed about this. seriously - 8 chips. I just need to ensure it doesn't happen again in the near future.

Got home and made a big green smoothie using a Chinese green and a few huge bunches of parsley, mango, honeydew melon slices and water. I forgot to put a banana in and am sure it would be super yummy with that in it. I have to say it was surprising how good the parsley was in it. Parsley is packed with vitamins and minerals.

Age and I are seriously looking at patches to plant Chinese greens and herbs- we go through heaps on this green smoothie thing – and its something we really want to keep doing.

I ate slices of pineapple, an apple, a nectarine and a banana for arvo tea.

Dinner was guacamole with dipping sticks of carrot, beans, cucumber and broccoli. The kids love to play around with Dracula teeth when we have these things out – have the guac dripping from their fangs etc.. niiiiiice. I also made a tomato sauce up – yummo

10 semi dried tomatoes
2 tomatoes,
a little water
a bunch of parsley
blend well

its so creamy and yummy!

I had a hankering for polenta for a few days – so made some up – water in a pan and add the polenta into it – stir and cook for a few mins – then pour into a dish and refrigerate.

I cut up this into slices and put into the oven to crisp up and brown ( which it didn’t sadly.. I think restaurants must deep fry it or cook it in butter)

We had a few slices of this with our tomato sauce and the gauc..I think I am missing grains as that was the taste I wanted. It was good – but now I have had that, I’ll get back on the raw stuff again.

Well – off to make a chocolate cheesecake ( raw of course) for a lunch I am going to tomorrow. It’s a new recipe for me – so I’ll take photos and add it in tomorrow.

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