Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Too Far away.

The whole family started with a green smoothie made from a mango, a banana, a Chinese green and a heap of baby spinach with water to make it a consistency you could actually drink. – what a great way to get your greens. Although Morgan looks a bit strange here – he is squinting into the sun – not going yuck at the drink – really!

About an hour after the greens we had our raw cereal – and boy – you can only eat a small bowl of that.

I had a party to conduct and I have to admit eating 3 quarters of a delicious egg sandwich. I by passed the cake and bikkies – but got sucked in with the sanga.

Got home and made another green smoothie – similar ingredients, then munched on a few apples, some soaked almonds, a nectarine and a banana.

I have found a great raw blog – and put a link on this site to it. Kristen offers heaps of advice and recipes on her site – so have been mulling over some of her yummy dessert ones that we just have to try.

I drank 1 cup of coffee and two cups of chai tea today.. and probably not enough water. Stayed up way too late last night and feeling a bit wretched.

can't beleive its sunday night - and next weekend is so far away.. where does the weekend go?

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