Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fab Salads

The weekend here and we have been booked into camping - its a monthly committment we have made as a family.

We made up some green smoothies and put them in plastic bottles and kept them cool in the plug in esky we have - sadly it only works when the car is on - but its great on long trips - then it just works as a normal esky.

This is a great knock up salad I made and it was totally YUM and good because the ingredients don't go totally manky out of the fridge.

mini tomatos cut in halves
mung beans - good handfuls
lucern sprouts
corn - cut off cob
fresh basil just ripped into pieces

get your hands into it and toss it and leave for about half an hour to let flavours infuse.

This is a pici of our "picking box" - it really shows that whatever the parents model - is where the kids are lead. We had guacamole ( a favourite here) and a selection of cut veges and sprouts as well as vege crackers - and I also included some rice crackers and Rice cakes. We let the kids go and it was like watching a swarm of locusts consuming everything in its pathway. I am so proud of them!

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