Monday, February 16, 2009

No Meat for Me!!

We had a dear friends milestone birthday party this weekend, set in gorgeous Bunya Mountains at an exquisite restaurant. I had made the decision not to stress about being raw that night – and just eat sensibly. First we were served a warm bunya nut gluten free bread with a spicy tomato salsa. Probably the best gluten free bread I have ever had too – soft and really lovely – I only had one slice though. Mains were an alternate drop of chicken or beef – which both looked and smelt divine. I ate the steamed veges – crisp and scrummy and then attacked the beef casserole – but only after a few mouthfuls had to stop. It was the most weird, uncanny feeling – I was hungry – it smelt and looked great – but every mouthful I had my stomach warned me not to as it would throw up any second. I tried a bit of the chicken and although again – it looked incredible and smelt better – it was definite no way. Desert were tiny morsels of a variety of deserts – tiny tiny cheesecake, choc mouuse, sticky date pud, choc mud cake and ice-cream. I had a morsel of each – but then handed it over to the kids. I do have to admit I had about 4 glasses of red wine through the night.

I have done this “raw’ thing a few times but have never been hit like this before. I can’t even say that its an identity shift as I have no issues with killing for meat etc. I just physically couldn’t eat it. Anyways – back on track – I do need to eat more veges as I am blissing out on fruit – but need to just keep trying – and do better everyday.

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