Friday, February 6, 2009

First Day out

We have been down this path a few times - with varying successes - always aiming for 100% Raw. I think the longest I 'made it' was just over 5 weeks, and then cooked things crept in and I blew it. As a family we have always enjoyed fresh juices and juice whip ups ( I hesitate to use the word smoothie as we don't use milk or yogurt or icecream in them - its all pure fruit whipped into a frenzy with ice)

This time, I am not going to get stressed about the 100% thing. Just as best as we can and keep attempting to better each week. I am logging this as perhaps it might help others on their journey - also as a responsibility thing for me. I have an added motivator - I have to detox and be in the healthiest form I can be in 5 months in order to undertake some major surgery. Its kinda life and death sort of option here.

Its just after dinner time - everyone feeling pretty good - so am reviewing what we ate - the stuff that works and the stuff that doesn't. We are all really good at drinking heaps of purified water and most if not all the fruit and veges we have are organic. We get them through an awesome group called Foodconnect. For years I didn't eat dairy - likening it to the work of the devil. However, things have softened - even David Wolf - the total guru of raw foods and healthful living has taken a backward step on Raw milk and agrees that if it is organic and raw then it has a place in your diet - all in moderation of course.

Breakfast for the kids was a selection of nuts - macadamia, cashews, almonds and pecans with sultanas and half a mango. I personally can't stand mango - nor most tropical fruit. The texture and taste makes me want to heave. I 've worked out that its slimness of it that totally grosses me out.

For me I had a cup of tea, a few glasses of water and a bunch of grapes. I really am not a breakfast person - I know I have to change this - but slowly slowly.

Adrian was very brave and had a green shake - celery, mango and banana with ice.

We had a fruit shake at about 11.30 ( yum - so exotic - 50 ml of coconut cream, pineapple, slice of rockmelon, slice of honeydew, a banana and some unsweetened pineapple juice and a bunch of ice)

Lilly wanted a sandwich at about 2 - I have some back up multigrain in the freezer - she just likes butter on her bread. So I ate some watermelon and a cup of coffee and she ate most of her sanga.

Just before I picked Morgan up I am afraid I ate a quarter of Lillys sandwich. Bread is a bit of a treat in the house as Adrian is gluten intolerant - so we don't have it as a normal thing. It was really yummy - even if it was a bit crusty - having sat out for an hour.. sigh.. I know I shouldn't have eaten it - move on - try harder tomorrow.

The kids and I ate the large rice crackers and tomato with Celtic salt ground over the top - yum. We also had a small bunch of grapes - then jumped in the pool as its still pretty hot here.

I made us another coconut fruit whip ( same as before) to share. I was really hungry and starting to think very naughty thoughts. I knew there was nothing bad in the house - but a sandwich was looking good...

For dinner we ate a variety of vege sticks - carrot, snow peas, broccoli, cucumber, capsicum with a fresh guacamole I had made. I had a bit of my nut cream left over from last nights dinner ( macadamia and cashews with a little water and vanilla essence - blended till like cream) - so we ate it with some fruit pieces - dipping it and munching it up.

We all seem to be sated and feel pretty light and good. Apart from my sandwich blow out - I am pretty happy so far.... I even have cut down dramatically on my coffee! ( which by the way is an organic one)

I am soaking some nuts to make some raw chocolate as I just know I am going to be needing it real soon.
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