Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day Two

Day 2

Green power with green shakes is our mantra at the moment. Adrian corrected me last night too – we are aiming for healthful and lifegiving options – not die hard 100% raw. Its like attempting perfection – its impossible and you get discouraged – so you give up…

Here is Age's Purple Power drink we had mid morning.

Lilly liked it and Morgan drank some –but thought it tasted a bit strange – they coped with a little bit and that’s all you can expect. with new tastes - it important that they are introduced to things and not forced - next time they will drink more.

I was really surprised – like totally shocked at the taste. It tastes like a green apple – the tart delicious ones that I really love. Adrian’s reaction was that it “wasn’t unpleasant” – but drank the whole thing. We had this for mid morning snack. I can only imagine all the fantastic cleansing things its doing to my body.

Heres the Recipe
1 head of pak choy
2 ripe plums
1 cup blueberries
2 cups of pure water.
Blend thoroughly.

Lunch was a fruit shake and a mixed plate of fruit pieces, nuts and vege sticks AND some raw chocolate... heres a pici of the kids tucking in.. yum

We had fruit (mango and peaches) for mid afternoon snack.

Dinner was carrot, celery, capsicum, sliced tomato and olives. I made a brazil nut pate ( a bit too much salt but very tasty) and a guacamole.

Brazil nut pate:
Huge handfuls of raw brazil nuts
Table spoon on crushed garlic
Large squeezes of lemon ( about 2 lemons)
Tablespoon of Himalayan crystal pink salt ( I’d use less next time)
Water to keep blender smooth.
Blend slowly adding water to keep paste smooth and thick.

We added rice cakes with this and spread the pate ontop and laid tomatoes and olives on top.

Given that the rice cakes are the only real cooked item today – we did pretty well I think.

For desert we had raw chocolate squares and Muscat grapes.

The kids did whine a bit tonight and asked for something hot for dinner –but once they started in on the pate all was forgotten.

Just before bed as a treat for all they have done today ( lots of weeding and bushwalking) they had a small (like a table spoon) of icecream.

My raw chocolate recipe:

1 cup macadamias soaked overnight
1 cup of cashew soaked overnight
Maple syrup – good slurp ( you can get raw and organic – but its very hard to source. I had run out of argarve syrup and yucon – which is usually what I would use. Honey tends to be too sickly in this.)
1 cup raw cocoa powder
1 cup raw carob powder
1 cup of raw cocoa butter

Blend the nuts together first with small quantities of water till as smooth as you can get.
Add the powders and the cocoa butter ( melt over very low heat if you are not totally 100% raw – this just speeds things up.)

We both have detox headaches. I felt very hungry mid afternoon – so ate a bunch of grapes. Although not stressed about getting 100% every day – was happy that we kept to our plan today.

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