Thursday, February 12, 2009

getting into the swing

I had a few challenges for me today – which forced me to look at choices…..again. I had a breakfast date with a girlfriend at our favourite café – where I would normally have the eggs benedict or pancakes and then a lunch with an ex workmate in the I had to think about my outcomes and my choices.....

I had a coffee and a large watermelon and mint juice for breaky and lots of water – its more about the conversation and catching up.

I made the decision to chose the best option for lunch as I was being treated out. I chose a salad and a coffee. The dressing wasn’t raw – but was sparing – and I have to admit I said yes to the Turkish bread crotons ( oh my lord they were good). Again – it was great to catch up and chat with this wonderfully intelligent sensitive lass I realize I miss so much from my past life working in the corporate field.

A few handfuls of macadamia nuts and raisins got me through the afternoon – and although I had boiled the jug about three times – I never got to making a coffee for myself – so have left it till tomorrow – perhaps.

Adrian made a great green shake with spinach, pack choi, blue berries and banana for both of us. For everyone , I recreated the watermelon and mint juice using a huge watermelon I had bought from a farmer in his roadside stall and the mint leaves we have growing outside in our herb garden. I had to sieve out the ‘bits’. I also gave the kids a RAWMAN for dinner ( I felt I had had enough for lunch a few hours ago ….) – corn for tummy, broccoli for hands and different sprouts for legs and hair. He had a carrot face and a lychee head. Lilly and Morgan fought over their sprouts and mung beans – Lilly kept pinching them off his plate.

We finished with cut up banana, dipped in the macadamia nut chocolate dipping sauce and rolled in coconut.

Looking at improvements – I know I like my coffees and Mochas too much….. and I could have passed on the salad dressing and croutons for lunch.

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