Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ikea and more

So another bad habit – conquered!! Lilly and I went to Ikea to day to pick some stuff up. We would normally go and have lunch there – but we compromised – I bought her a hot dog and watched her eat it – but refused her the icecream ( that term is pretty loose considering the lack of any dairy in the product) – she went to the play area while I got the stuff and instead of going upstairs and having a gross coffee, I got an orange juice – 100% but reconstituted….and stared at the world while Lilly had a great play with all the other kids.

Today is the glorious day we pick up our fresh box of gourmet organic goodies.. yay!! I have to admit I rummage through the box when I put it in the boot and munch on whatever is good – the kids are always after the beans or the apples.

A note here on green power drinks – mustard greens – just don’t.. that’s all I am saying.

Is it possible to have a mouth orgasm? OMG!!!! Muscatel grapes – I hid them and ate about 500 grams ( the whole packet)

We had the normal stuff for breaky and lunch – fruit shake, fruit pieces – Lilly and I had the left over carrot soup and sprouts for lunch and munched on the raw crackers.

Dinner – OMG… the tomatoes are so good. I made a Tomato salad – basil leaves liberally torn up and mixed into sliced tomatoes, capers, cucumber and olives. I then did a Bento Box – of sorts. There is ribboned zucchini, spiralised carrot, marinated vege strips ( in the pad thai stuff from the other day – so much better a few days old…) and sprouts.

Finished off with some chocolate fudge pie ( the macadamia nut one from yesterday) totally blessed out.

Adrian sheepishly confessed in the pool when he got home that he had been rushed – had a blood test today – so had to fast – so ate some bad stuff ( sushi and a sausage – so not dripping with fat bad – but not raw) – and it repeated on him all day – he felt flat and tired and cranky and couldn’t wait to get home to get a green smoothie into him..

Its pretty late as I type this up… have had no cravings for bad things and feel full and sated. Feeling great about the choices made. The key for me is to have some handy snacks ready to go – I have eaten several handfuls of macadamia and cashews – as well as a few spoonfuls of the choc pie filling.

Feeling motivated due to the inches lost last week –and really want to keep this up. Have written an power word on my left hand just to keep me in the zone – it’s the hand that would reach out for something – so I will see if every time..

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