Saturday, February 21, 2009

Going out stinks

I hadn’t been looking forward to today – not because of the workshop I was going to – but because it meant I would be away from home and its relative safety in food options all day.

Started the day well – made a big green smoothie for all – and something I had been forgetting in my last few was the inclusion on banana. It makes all the difference in a smoothie and makes it taste so much better – smoother, creamier.

Three slices rockmelon
1 banana
3 handfuls of spinach
1 chinese green
10 strawberries
super yumo!

I took along a a box of nuts and seed to munch on as I knew there would be biscuits and minties on the table. Wonder of wonders – there was also a huge plate of crisp grapes – which I availed my self freely to.

I had sussed out my options for lunch and settled on going to subway where they do a salad. A point – don’t. For $7 I got a huge plate of shredded lettuce, exactly 3 slices of tomato, 3 slices of gherkins, about 10 half slices of olives a sprinkling of carrot and capsicum. It was fresh enough – but all that lettuce – yuck. I was hankering for a plate of sliced tomatoes and olives. I couldn’t even get a juice there as it was all reconstituted stuff – so full of crap and cooked.

Got home pretty hungry and had kept the feedback on my short stories I had submitted till I was alone. I am so precious and egotistical I took the suggestion and black marks on my stories badly and my hunger turned sour and a starving scream urged me to go and get something ‘bad.’ I ate 5 rice crackers and put slices of cheese on them… and they were really nice. I then had a cry, fantasized about eating a steak and got over myself and ate a banana, an apple and a cup of coffee. Its just as well we don’t have any chocolate or anything actually bad in the house.

Going out stinks - I don’t know how to cope with a full day of being away from the house and being raw. I suppose that you get less hungry and needing food all the time after a while.

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