Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How I am feeling

thought I'd jounral how I am generally feeling and stuff I have noticed.

I am feeling 'bouncy' which is not a term I would normally give to myself. Despite my late nights,I am still able to get up in the mornings and generally not feel like a zombie. I think I average about 5 hours of sleep a night. Looking back on my notes I have cut down coffee heaps -with only one or two cups a day - which I know I need to cut out all together - as its a dreadfully acidic thing to to shoving into your body.

So overall to date I have shed from bust - 1 inch, waist - 1 inch, nothing from the hips or thighs and half an inch from the arms.

Its a bit weird with the thighs as that was the first thing I noticed - the looseness of my jeans - perhaps I am measuring the wrong bit? I guess its early days yet and I kind of want the results right now!!m

As far as the kids go - they are literally bouncing off the walls and sleeping a heap less ( which is a bit of a bugger for me as they get up just before 6)

I think I notice we all have clearer and brighter eyes too.

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