Thursday, February 26, 2009

Market Day

Over the last few weeks – its been obvious that our normal consumption ( which is higher than the average persons anyway) of fruit and veges is not coping with our new lifestyle. It seems every day I am popping down to the fruit shop to top up something or another. We love our organic box of goodies – but its usually almost gone by day 4.

In the past I used to go to the Brisbane market and pick up great bargains of boxes of things to juice and dehydrate. Like most things – you just get out of the habit of doing it and you stop. A friend of mine went along today and brought back three boxes of fab fruit and veges – which are currently lining my benchtops. So we are planning to go fortnightly at least and grab the bargains when we can. I don’t want to get too much and refrigerate it as I know its better to get it fresh – however – from the market its at least only a few days from being picked – rather than weeks and in some cases months if bought in a supermarket.

I am greening up my green smoothies and boy I miss the apple in them.. kind of tastes a bit like grass and water – so maybe I need to add just a smidge of fruit into them again.

I had two green smoothies today, 2 cups of coffee, a cup of lemongrass tea ( made from our lemongrass outside) a handful of cashews, 2 nectarines, an apple and for dinner I am tucking into my tomato salad. I‘ve added a whole red onion to it – so Age may need to sleep somewhere else … eewwwww.

I was at a meeting today and thanked the hostess for her efforts in making a caramel pear cake and biscuits – but I passed on them – it is getting easier and less embarrassing to say no and explain what foods I am eating. I smile when people say – oh – you are eating raw meat? Yuck! Ummm well no not really….

The kids love my carrot cookies – here is a photo of my newest batch . I mad ethem with a bit more raisins and linseeds – so they would stick together more and then got a round cutter and cut to shape while they were drying.

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