Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wet and Wild

Age had a meeting all day at the house - so the kids and I scooted off to Wet and Wild for the day. We had packed a heap of fruit, juice, plenty of water and commercial musli bars (think - best choice here...) We started the day with a fruit smoothie - no greens for me as I was still feeling a bit blerk about them all.

We really were so busy all day, we didn’t need a big lunch – so the snacks packed were perfect. I did buy a mocha and bough those evil choros each for the kids. And yes – I ate a bite off each of them, savoring the sweet mix of cinnamon and sugar encrusted delight. I had 3 apples and a banana as well as a nut bar – not a raw option – but the lowest sugar and crap, I could find to take along.

Age had organized a BBQ dinner when we arrived back – to catch up with some people we hadn’t seen for a while. He’d cooked sausages and onions and made my sweet potato salad. I sighed looking at it as its one of my favourites – especially the feta cheese. The kids soon made short work of that part of the salad! I made a tomato salad with the capers and olives and made a berry and spinach smoothie for my dinner. Cleaning up, I did a naughty thing and ate half a sausage. It wasn’t as nice as I thought it might have been so was sorry I had made the effort

It was huge day – so felt pretty wiped out and went to bed before midnight ( shocking!)

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