Sunday, March 1, 2009

You can't mix the two

I am not sure if it’s a reaction to my indiscretions yesterday or the fact I have tried to mix cooked and raw food today – but I am feeling pretty flat and gross.

I started the day off with a berry and spinach smoothie. For lunch we had a light salad – I made it a bit fo fun for the kids –making the ingredients into a vege man. THe zuccini and carrots were peeled into long thin strips and made them really fun to eat. The tomatos are a heritage type we get in our organic box - a black tomato - still tastes great -but a bit wierd looking.

I had resisted the boiled sweet potato salad from yesterday – but looking at the huge bowl of it the fridge today , thought I’d revamp it as a side for lunch. Age had fried a lot of onions on the BBQ – so these yummy caramelized offerings went into the salad – as well as a can of mixed lentils and beans. Everyone had eaten the feta cheese out of it – so there wasn’t any of it to be tempted with. I have posted the photo and recipie on another site here.

After a cup of tea for afternoon tea, I didn’t really feel like much – so made the kids dinner and just drank water and nibbled on some carrot sticks I had been cutting up for the kids.

Hope I feel better tomorrow..

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