Tuesday, March 10, 2009

fruity day

ok so I have a confession from last night - damn it - I didn't make it as a 100% raw day.. I had 2 pieces of the 85% cocoa Lindt chocolate.. and later that night - totally ravenous - so ate a handful of soy chips.

To counter this - this morning I started to soak and make some salt and vinegar almonds ( yummm) and some soysauce nibbles - they will be ready by tomorrow - so photos and recipes then..

can't fault my hormone driven needs though - as mid morning was the time I started to bleed - so yeee ha into the tent.. ( I wish) At least this time its only been two squares of choc.. I know in the past I have eaten a block of dark chocolate...

I had fruit for breaky - took the photo of what I gave the kids - they like it to look pretty.. We had some really nice yar pears in our organic box last week - so eating the last ones today.

Mid morning I had a carrot,celery and apple juice. Kids didn't want any as the carrots weren't very sweet and i didn't put many apples in it.. got to admit it was a bit.... ummm orange....

We went to the Loving Hut for lunch today - kids loved all the food - cheeky monkeys said that the Vietnamese rolls there were nicer than mine ( its true) I tried the raw salad - heavenly salad - a bit over sauced ( lemon juice and olive oil and pepper) for me - but really crunchy and nice. I also had half of Jodis chocolate cheesecake - which again was really good. I am not going to get all unbent about it all - its vegan and preservative free - made from tofu and soy - so not a 'bad' choice.

I had green smoothie for afternoon tea - raspberries, chinese greens, banana and water. kids clambered to share it and thought it was pretty spec...

Dinner was guacamole and dipping sticks and something I called Sunshine Salad - everyone said it was really good - I don't like rockmelon on its own - so ikk didn't eat it.

Sunshine Salad.

5 slices of rockmelon - cut into cubes
handful of long thread coconut ( for 100% raw folk - you can make this by using a special tool and shredding pieces of coconut meat and then drying it.. I am a bit lazy for all that and buy it..I am sure its not 100% raw - but I am not going to get unbent about it.)
1 handful of cashews
1 orange - pith removed, seeded and cut into small pieces.
handful of sesame seeds

toss together and allow time for ingredients to get to know each other and serve with forks to let everyone have a go!!

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