Monday, March 9, 2009

another 100% Day

Started the day out with a green smoothie - chinese greens, water, a ripe banana and rockmelon. I am still finding the balance between too sweet and a bit green... it was sort of nearly right - perhaps a bit more fruit next time.

My aim is for 100% raw every day - which I generally do. I do slip up some days and have things like the ricepaper rolls or other naughty mouthfuls - but normally its 100%.

Some people might think its a bit extreme - but I actaully find it easier. If the food has been cooked or processed I can't eat it - there is no ums or errs or grey areas - I either can eat it or I can't. Besides on a good day usually ( before this change in eating) our eating plan would have been 80% vegetable and fruit based ( albeit some of it would have been cooked) With Adrian gluten intollerent - wheat and those products have been out of our house for about a year anyway.

The 80/20 thing that many websites seem to propose just doesn't work for me.... but thats me... it obviously works for others.

Blueberries at Farmer's Market

Lunch was fruit slices and cashews.

Afternoon tea was a green smoothie - made from a handful of thomson grapes, blueberries, water and lettuce leaves. I made heaps - so sipped it most of the afternoon.

Dinner was carrot, celery and apple juice.

feeling a bit munchy - but can't really put my finger on what I want.. so just had some water....

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