Tuesday, March 24, 2009

hungry hungry hungry

Is it possible to be hungry psychologically and not physically?

I had a green smoothie

Hi, I am Wajid from :en:Pakistan. This picture...

Age made for me and left in the fridge this morning. It was made from 2 red apples ( whole) half a punnet of sunflower sprouts, a banana and water. I had about half of it and gagged. the sprouts leave a very slimy green feeling in your mouth which no matter how I looked at it - was not nice. I added a cup of pinapple juice to it and managed to down the rest of it.

I was out all day to day - from school drop off to when Age got home - book party, natropath appointment, pick up, dance class.

I had packed nuts and apples - but have to admit to buying an iced coffee and a salami stick mid afternoon. At the party - joy of joys - I had fresh carrot sticks and tomatoes - but also dipped these in the cashew and capsicum dip. hummmmmmm

I made another green smoothie for dinner and went off to karate. Got home exhasted, ate a banana, an apple, rice crackers and the rest of the roast vege dip from the weekend and finished up with two slices of my chocolate dream pie....

now way I should be hungry - but I am sitting here dreaming about eating all sorts of things that are not in the house.... sigh.....

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