Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Best Ever!!

Had a ripper day - had 2 green smoothies and a fruit smoothie, some apples and a banana.

Made some great carrot soup with some ginger and added sprouts to it for a crunch texture hummmm.

For dinner I had some steamed broccali and corn coupled with a carrot, celery and apple juice followed by the best ever choc mousse. I might even retype it up and post it on another blog.

Easy Peasy Choc Mousse
1 ripe advocado
1 can coconut cream ( for 100% ers - make your coconut cream using fresh coconut  - use both the flesh and the water..- This takes alot longer and messier than opening a do what you feel is right for you here..)
3 tbsp of cacao powder ( I use the Raw Organic one as the taste is superior.. and there are no nasties)
1 tbs vanilla essence - or you can use a vanilla bean ( scrape out the seeds only.. put the husk into your agarve or honey pot)
5 tbsp ( to taste) agarve syrup ( dependant upon your vegan tendencies, you might like to use honey - a good quality one.. or go half and half.)

blend thoroughly in high speed blender

spoon out into bowl and mix in a punnet of blue berries.

This will not last any longer than it takes to put it on the table.. so yummy!!!!

so pretty good day today.. feeling positive.

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  1. Perfect time to incorporate MORE RAW. thanks Annie xo Michelle J


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