Friday, March 27, 2009

Miss Lillys Birthday

Before I start - I have to say that today is Lillys 4th Birthday. It was her wish that we went to McDonalds for breakfast. I had a breakfast wrap and a plain sausage McMuffin ( they have got to put evil addictive stuff in them - it was so good) and a large Mocha. nice.

I went to the markets to pick up the bargains in Fruit and Veges - so munched on an apple and a banana when I was peckish at lunchtime.

I really didn't need anything till mid afternoon - when I have a few handfuls of fresh cashews, a coffee and an apple.

Dinner time got melded as I had Karate Training on - so had a few glasses of water with fresh limes sliced up in it. When I got home I had my green smoothie - honeydew melon, Chinese greens and strawberries. I have to admit it looked like mud - a browny ikky colour - and I think the strawberries weren't particularly sweet - so it was quite a tart drink.

Later this evening I had a plate of cherry tomato's , basil and olives. yummmm my current favourite.

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