Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kinda ok today

Being at home is so easy to stay raw - no distractions and I have enough variety around me to not want bad stuff. Going out - phew - man that sucks.

I went to a meeting today and stuck with a cup of coffee and water. Got home and made a green smoothie (spinach, apple and pineapple) and ate a tomato, olive, red onion and spinach salad.

Dinner was another green smoothie - too green for me and I had to just gulp it down. Not sure why I reacted like this as I have made them like this before - chinese greens, pear, pawpay and a banana.

The kids had an omlette and didn't eat it all - so I swiped a few spoonfuls. tsk tsk..

Later tonight - I had a real olive thing happening - and ate half a jar - with a fork - straight out of the jar. Also really craving fatty things.. so had a handful of almonds and a banana. still munch and could def eat an entire salami if offered it...

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