Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Right off the tracks

Well - started the day well.. test tasted my chocolate dream pie ( last entry) with my morning coffee, had a green smoothie made from lettuce, grapes and water for breaky. Had two apples for morning tea. I then started to get the munchies and dissatisfaction 'thing' happening. My salt and vinegar almonds are still not ready - neither are my soy seed mix - though that didn't stop me scooping a spoon full out and test them out.

drank another coffee, ate another apple, looked in the fridge and groaned.. its organic box day today - so there is nothing fabulous left in there.

I made a fruit salad for lunch but just picked at it. Just feeling bla about everything. The afternoon flew past and I felt rushed taking the kids to gymnastics, our plans changed with the evening and I ended up having to drive in to pick Age up straight from gymnastics - so sinned the worst ever - we went to Mcdonalds on the way. I had a garden salad and a mocha - but that still sucked big time - so got a lean beef burger as well.. and snuck three of the kids chips. I have to admit they were gross - I could taste the fatty oil and so salty. My burger was total bliss and I so wish it wasn't - I wish that it tasted like cardboard and I would swear never to eat one again.... a few hours on now and feeling a bit bloated and gross.

I'm not going to dwell on it - tomorrow is another day.

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