Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quiet Day

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After my 'blow out' with the lean beef burger last night, I have kept it pretty quiet today. I had a carrot, apple and celery juice for breakfast, 2 cups of coffee, several handfuls of cashews and 3 apples before lunch time.

I met a girlfriend for lunch and opted for a Caesar salad (with out the croutons - but with the grilled chicken.....) and a coffee. ( that was as healthy as the menu allowed - they didn't/wouldn't make a garden salad...)

I had grapes for afternoon tea and another carrot, apple and celery juice for dinner.

I made a cherry sauce for the chocolate dream pie and had that along with some dried banana and a roibos tea whilst watching my Thursday night telly. - it really makes it spec ( frozen cherries and a little water whizzed up.)
feeling a bit better about 'stuff'.... like Sir Winston so famously said.." if you are going through hell - keep going." - or something like that.

oh - and my salt and vinegar nuts - pretty damned yummy - have tried a few - will take photos in the sunlight tomorrow and post up the recipe then.

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