Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday,, a bit naughty.

A few days of not being 100% raw and I am feeling really gross. However, it may have something to do with the very little sleep - even less than I normally get - that I have had in the last 2 days - I think I had 4 hours last night and 5 the night before.

Last night I did end up eating a few handfuls of chips and bikkies and dip and the fateful tim tams - about 5 I think... we sat up till just past 2 am.. no wonder I feel dreadful. Thankfully when I got home this afternoon, the kids and Age had demolished the left overs ( dip, bikkies, chips)

The first thing I had was a green smoothie - made from pineapple, a different Chinese green - a thinner sort of pack choy - but not as white in the stems - all reen and a banana. went down very well I have to say.

Tea in a Mei├čen pink-rose teacup

My girlfriends and I then indulged in a delightful high tea experience - and I did not censor at all. It really was a gorgeous experience -from the waiter in tux - to the delicate tea sets. I'll have to blog about it in another site. I had 3 petite sweets - the tiny tiny cheesecake/dessert things that are so fashionable now, 5 finger sandwiches - smoked salmon and cream cheese, cucumber and a ham and cheese. I also had 3 half freshly made scones with jam and cream AND 2 piklets with the said jam and cream. Needless to say - despite being totally delicious and scrummy, I felt ill the rest of the day, sleepy and gross.

I made a restorative green smoothie and am sipping it while I am typing. I didn't want to fall into the same greens trap and get crooker than I am already - so the only greens i have in the fridge were silver beet -which I haven't tried yet... I was really surprised and will def be using them again. I made it and then realised I hadn't put a banana in it - so tasted it - its a bit green - so for newbies - add a banana for a bit more sweetness and smoothness - but I really liked it.


3 stalks of silverbeet
3 slices of watermelon

whizz whizz.

I did strain it as the watermelon pips started to get stuck n my teeth and detracted from the experience.

yummmmmm.. can just feel my body loving it up.

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