Saturday, March 21, 2009

a bit of a bad day and I don't care

Again - all about choices - so had a bit of a zag and stayed out of overload where I could.

Started the day with a green smoothie - lettuce and pawpaw and a banana with ice.

Met my girlfriends for morning tea and we set out to have some new exper

Assortment of Krispy Kreme donuts. From left t...Image via Wikipedia

iences and hang out. So the first thing we did was check out Krispy Kreme donuts - none of us had ever had one - much less ventured into the store.... so - off we went... it smelt glorious and we couldn't beleive the amoutn of different types there were. We had one each - I had to admit - it was fresh and soft and pretty good - but oooooh soo sweet. Now I have had one - I don't need to go back.

We had a wonderful day wandering about - I didn't bring enough water and was given an iced tea - had a few sips of it and had to chuck it out in the bin - soooo sweet.

We had lunch at the Hare Krishnas place - the most fabulous carrot curry and rice and salad... along with thier halva and custard. It was great - but man - I burped and felt bloated all afternoon.

I felt tired and ikk by late afternoon all I wanted to go to bed... however I had the evening to entertian and be sociable...

off now - will probably have a green smoothie and just some juices - report back tomorrow.. ( which is another zag day where I am having high tea... groan......

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