Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The week thats been

Well that week sucked big time.

Although I had at least one green smoothie a day - sometimes two - I also picked and snacked on cooked and processed food and pigged out a few times - sausages at a BBQ, toast for breaky one day, I baked a normal cake and biscuites a few days ago

Viral pharyngitis. The oropharynx is swollen a...

( I didn't eat the cake - but did eat many of the cookies) even stooping to McDonalds Breaky today..

I feel gross, have a sore throat and have not dared to look at my measurements all week. I also have a headache and have had one most of the week.

I have to say its been a hard slog the last few weeks. If your family is not behind you - if they are not eating the same things as you are - it just stinks. I felt resentful and angry that I was eating what I was and the other members of the family were eating different - and in my mind - nicer - things than I was.

Having them say that what I was doing was good and looked great was one thing - but not doing it with me really took a toll on my resolve.

I know this is a testing period for me and I do need to push through it - but I am finding it really hard to do on my own.

I am resolving to have two green smoothies tommorrow and no processed crap. I made a heap of raw chocolate today - so have some yummy snacks to munch on... .and its organic box day tommorrow.. yay!

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