Sunday, May 10, 2009

This week in retrospect

Well - today is Mothers Day. So lets just forget about even trying. Its not that there isn't great raw food stuff out there - I guess I am too weak to make thewhole family follow it so strictly - especially on a long awaited moment such as this..
I've never been a breakfast person anyway - so skipped the egg and bacon thing and indulged in a gorgeous cup of coffee drunk whilst in bed and nibbled on some cut up apples.
We had a delightful picnic - but I gotta say salad just goes limp and awful in this heat - so I opted for cheese and french bread.. sigh.. it was good.....
I have to admit the only good thing I have done all week is to keep up my green smoothie count - one a day. yesterdays lettuce one was a bit ... rich - too much lettuce - the taste really came through.
still - need to get back on track - still sheding weight - very slowly - but feeling it in my clothes more than anything.

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