Sunday, May 3, 2009

Report this Week

Last week sucked a day, big time. although I kept to a green smoothies at least one per day, I prepared vegetarian cooked food for the rest of the family. I didn't think it was fair to just shove an apple or a few carrot sticks in front of them and tell them that was dinner - it was what I was going to have, but they deserve better than that...

I overdosed on silverbeet smoothies though - yesterday I started heaving after half a glass. I have gotten lazy iwth the selection I use in my smoothies - so it was a good reminder to broaden the choices.

I know it was bad for health, but I have been going through a crap phase where I just can't be bothered to eat as long as I have my coffee drug habit Ican survive till about 2 pm without eating. Days are usually ok with apples or a handful of almonds - or bananas by the case load. Its when I have to get things ready for everyone else...

One observation though, I was in the surpermarket and thought - stuff it - I 'll get somehteing really bad and eat it reading my book on the couch....I ended up with a kg of grapes.. so promptly consumed them on the lounge. no choc - just didn't feel like it...

I went out to lunch with Age on Thurs and had squid - whichwas yum and spanish meatballs. first bit of meat for a while.

Feeling bla about everything still. my clothes are loose - pants are on verge of falling down but I still look gross. I understand there are plateaus but just can't seem to get past this one.

I can see that lifestule changes need to be something everyone embraces - it just doens't work otherwise. its all too hard..

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