Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rich Cocoa Breakfast Drink

Here is a staple drink Adrian has been having for several months.

Neither of us really 'like' breakfast.  The normal commercial sugary breakfasts don't cut it on a raw diet and to be honest - fruit - as nice as it is - just doesn't last till lunch time.

Close your eyes and imagine you are in Spain and drinking that gorgeous thick breakfast chocolate drink.  sans the dipping donut I must admit. ... but working on it...

This will give you a zing in the mornings and keep hunger at bay till lunchtime.

Soak (in your blender bowl) a good handful of cashews
4 fresh dates
2 tbsp chia powder
2 tbsp of Macca ( to taste - start off with a small amount)
good handful of goji berries
mix these with 800 mls of either pure water  - or as Adrian has been - a herbal tea ( noble teas not black tea) specific to your healing needs.
( some of the teas you might like to use is Matee, Camomile or Jiaogulan)
 overnight soaking is best.

squirt some raw Agarve into it. ( ensure you have the proper organic raw agarve as the market is being flooded with corn syrup tainted with agarve.. gross)
 3 - 4 tbs of coconut oil
3/4 cup of cocoa ( I like more - but do this to taste)
1/2 a vanilla bean
1 pinch of celtic salt can also be added here.

super yum!

put into glass jars or containers - refrigerate - but must be drunk over next few days as it ferments..

The photo is of Age dipping cherries into it.. yummmmm

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