Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 4

This is a pici of tonights dinner - lettuce pate wraps....

Ok – last night I kinda wavered – We watched a movie and there was a bottle of Japanese Plum wine in the fridge – so I had a glass of it.. Technically it is raw as its not cooked.. but blab la the toxins and major OD in sugar in the blood.

Today was a real test too. I had been invited to a food party a month ago and felt I couldn’t really back out today. Life is about choices – so I chose to have a very minimal amount – just a smidge of a taste and that was all – and I did. I really don’t think 4 cubes ( tiny about the size of your thumb nail) of bread with some dip will tip over the world. I didn’t eat the chocolate and I gave the samples of the cake and the cookies to Lilly – underhandedly as we the demonstrator said it was a policy for no-one under 18 to taste the foods they had. Everything was mouse sized bite sized in anycase.

Afterwards a girlfriend invited me to go to McDonalds for lunch – and I said no thanks – I’m off home for some good food…

So - for lunch I made myself a green power shake – watermelon, blueberries ice and 1 head of pack choi. It made ¾ of a liter – so I am just sipping on it as I type.

Back a bit later now to report on the rest of the day. Just took a photo of Lilly tucking into tea – which was a pate and vege strips rolled up in wombok or lettuce leaves. I also made another purple power drink – with wombok and pak choi, blueberries and a banana. It was a lot sweeter and smoother. The kids really surprised us – asking for another glass each – which we gladly made up. They both hoed into the pate and the leaves, delighting in the crunchy sunflower sprouts and mungbeans.

Sunflower Pate

Sunflower seed – good three handfuls
Pumpkin seeds – good handful
Good pinch Himalayan salt
Squeeze lime juice
1 ripe tomato

I also have a confession – another slight slip up – we went to a friends for afternoon tea. I brought some watermelon along. She had some warm italian sultana bread. Oh dear – so I took a slice and yes – it was as good as it smelt. I removed myself from the kitchen to get away.

Still – 2 greenshakes today and some good exercise done. Overall a great effort!

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