Tuesday, February 10, 2009

dreaded Parties and habits

Well today went much better than expected – a bunch of things which are all habit formed – and have bad food attached to them – so came through pretty well I reckon!

I made the BEST chocolate fudge –
2 cups macadamia nuts
100ml coconut cream
splash vanilla
huge squirts of Yucon syrup ( to taste)
1 cup cocoa powder

blend with a little water to keep consistency.

It’s a bit soft – but nice to eat with a spoon right out of the fridge. We had it on the raw banana cream pie ( well everyone but me as I am really not a fan of bananas which taste like bananas – I know – I am strange….)

I had a book party to do today – an hour and a half drive away. I didn’t buy an iced coffee like I normally do – I did accept a coffee when I was there – but only drank a quarter of it – preferring my water bottle instead. I did eat a piece of the hostesses homemade choc slice – and sorry I did – wasn’t to expectations – not that it was bad – just not ..well – ‘fresh’. I also ate a red jelly snake – I can’t resist those – but didn’t east anything else….

Got home – ate watermelon and a fruit shake as well as dipping into the chocolate fudge. Have noticed apatite has gone down lots AND that I didn’t have any coffee or tea yesterday. ( that’s a big deal)

Dinner was the YUMMIEST carrot soup I have done – seriously. Its an old standby, made to death at every dinner party I host.

1 Kg Carrots ( about 3 cups of juice) – chilled is best.
1 ripe avocados
½ tsp celtic salt
1 clove garlic
150 ml orange juice – or 3 or 4 oranges – juice them on the spot.

Juice carrots
In blender pour in juice and blend in avocados, salt and garlic. If you like a thicker soup – add another ripe avocado.
Pour soup into 4 small bowls and garnish with mung beans and sprouts
For hot days – chill soup for 30 mins before serving. I have also added ginger to this - but sparingly.

Last night I also made some vege crackers in the dehydrator – pretty yum – a bit strong tasting – not sure what in them is giving that taste – linseed and buckwheat were soaked for about 6 hours. I then used the juicer with the blank plate on – and put through a few tomatoes, a zucchini a few carrots, a red onion and a stick of celery. I seasoned well with salt and then spread over the trays for the dehydrator.- takes about 24 hours till its thin and crispy. Great to just munch – or have in soup – or with a dip.

Its also been a week since I have been doing this – so its all about the measurements and feelings… I feel a lot more ‘bouncy’ .. I have lost 1 inch from bust and 1 inch from hips…. So not too bad….yeah well only got about 500000000 more to go.

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