Thursday, February 19, 2009

A flat out day

I had a lot of different jobs to do today – so had to take things to munch on the hop. The kids had cut up fruit for breaky while I had a banana and an apple. I took some carrots, a banana, an orange and two nectarines with me and ate them over the next few hours.

I was surprisingly not hungry for the day and even went shopping ( usually a terrible time for me as I will buy an iced coffee or a juice as a matter of course…. Got through without doing so.. .yay!)

My cousins partner has just birthed so I bought some mince and other things to make a moussaka to take over to them tomorrow.

I ended up making a mince stew with lots of veges in it as well as a moussaka. I felt it a bit cruel to have these wonderful smells in the kitchen and not give the kids some – so they ate mince for tea, followed up with a warm carrot cookie. I do have a confession… whilst I didn’t eat any – I did a taste test on the white sauce ( lick only- honest!) and a quick sip of the juices of the mince - so not really more than a mouse bite – but still…

Morgan tested out the ‘cereal’ which is nearly ready in the dehydrator and said – why doesn’t everyone do this – this tastes so much better than the stuff in the box from the shop.. I have to agree!. Recipe and photo tomorrow when we have it.. but its YUM!

Age and I had a green smoothie for tea – Chinese greens, watermelon, a punnet of strawberries, an apple and ice.

Its TV night tonight – with my trashy soap opera Greys Anatomy and Private Practice on… so I grabbed the remained of the chocolate mousse and a banana and ate it while watching it – yummm luxury!

I had one cup of coffee today, plenty of water. I know coffee- even the organic stuff I am drinking is bad for you – the acidity of it etc…I just don’t know whether I want to give it up yet…

Feeling pretty bouncy and good today. I think its getting easier to be 100% every day I do it. If its cooked or processed I can’t eat it – so much more simple than portion control or fat content. I am looking for differences in my skin and eyes etc but haven’t noticed anything yet. I am surprised as usually if you detox, then huge pustulous stuff pours out of your body.. but it hasn’t happened.. yet… I secretly think its because my cup of coffee a day is keeping the toxic level in my body at a happy equilibrium… some thought needs to go into my next step with this..

I’d be keen to go and get the live blood testing done with Maddona ( Natropath) in the next few weeks… kind of a bit expensive though.

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