Monday, February 16, 2009

Salad Daze

Off to a poor start today – with me sleeping in and fussing over what the kids ate, me drinking half a cold coffee and a glass of water before being faced with a cheese, cold meats and dips platter at the ceremony Morgan had to attend. I did eat one bikkie plunged into dip – but collected a bunch of grapes and carrot sticks and stood away from the table.

Onto a gymnastics class for Lilly and invited to Ikea for lunch – I was pretty hungry by that stage. A glance down to my power word on my hand forced me to get a gross salad ( by that I mean mostly bitter green leaves , 2 slices of cucumber and a slice of tomato and rings of red onion) and watch Lilly wolf down a plate of chips and Swedish meatballs.

We got home and I ate a plate of sliced tomatoes and olives, several bunches of grapes and a banana. Afternoon tea at a playdate – I had two cups of black tea, copious handfuls of airpopped popcorn and two handfuls of divine soy chips.

I made the kids a banana shake and laid out some nuts, sliced fruit and vege crackers for tea – and then had to shoot off to dance class with them and onto town to pick up Age who had been working very late.

Home again and hungry – I have eaten three huge handfuls of macadamias, a banana, an apple and a peach – and trying not to think about Morgans emergency loaf of bread in the freezer.

Overall – shows lack of preparation leads to very hungry day – lack of imagination with the foods leads to boredom.

Overall feeling a bit down in the dumps – probably a hang over from eating some cooked crap on the weekend at the party…. And the glasses of wine…. Measure up day tomorrow.. I really hope that this is all worth it…..

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