Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Top up those greens!

Its nearing the end of the organic box week - so have had to top up a few times from the normal frut and vege shop - boy you really taste the difference in the produce.

My plan from tomorrow ( when I get my box) is to ensure that we blend more of the veges into shakes and perhaps go and buy more to eat as we aren't getting enough...

I experimented with a fruit shake to day - here is my Greena Colada.. really yummy. I think if I make it again, I'll add more spinach and perhaps a packchoi or another green leaf into it. I think too I'll put in less coconut milk - it was very rich...but then my tastes are starting to change alot.

Greena Colada for 2 people
100ml coconut milk
2 bananas
2 large handfuls of baby spinach
1 slice of rockmelon
1 apple (cored)
100 ml water and a little ice.

I tell you what - this is living!! who gets a cocktail for lunch?

Am soaking some nuts to make some dips for snacks for tomorrow - recipes tomorrow. - I had forgotten that you have to have plenty of variety and stuff in the fridge - so will also make some more vege crackers tonight.

Whats for dinner? how about chocolate mousse?

This will serve four easily and is just good spooned out into your mouth.. We served it with cut up fruit - apples, melon, bananas and strawberries in particular are good dipped into it. I have also in the past frozen this and cut it up - so its like chocolate icecream.

A note on coconut cream a
nd milk - I know the canned stuff isn't always raw - but sourcing coconuts and then going through and grinding he meat up, soaking and squeezing the cream out is a real palarga.. I've done it and I know the purists say its the best - and it is.. but if its too hard - then most people will just give up.. I am into simplicity and ease.

RAW chocolate mousse

three huge handfuls of cashews ( enough to well and truly cover the blender blades) - process these first into a fine flour like consistency - this is important if you don't have a high powered blender.

1 ripe avocado
50 ml coconut cream
1 banana
4 tables spoons of raw cocoa powder
2 tbsp raw Yucon syrup
water in order for the mixture to keep blending - a few drops at the time.

Blend till smooth - and I dare you to stop licking the spoon.

A note on the sweetness - its a dark chocolate taste and very rich. Add more coconut cream for a creamier taste and put in a source of sweetener you feel comfy with - to your taste.

for a late snack we will have guacamole, carrot sticks and broccoli florets.. I am posting this early as we have dance class, then my karate class - so flat out this afternoon.

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