Friday, March 20, 2009

all about choices

So after being such a slacker yesterday - I was determined to make better choices and not beat myself up today.

Made a Greeeeemy today to start things off.

The Greeeeemy

two slices of honeydew melon
1 banana
6 or so icecubes
1 cup of filtered water
1 small cos lettuce

Blend thoroughly

Having done a number of green smoothies now, I really think the addition of icecubes makes it smoother and creamier - I know that sounds mad - maybe because you blend it longer or something. anyway - this was really good and I drank the lot.

This weekend marks a special time for one of my girlfriends who I have flown down from Cairns to be with Jodi and I for the next few days. I have made the choice not to stress about 100% raw - but to choose the most healthful things on the menu when we go out. Sunday is going to be a complete ZAG day so I don't even care.....( goggle Zag days - or check Tony Robbins stuff for an explaination on it.)

Jodi warned me that the salads at the place we went to today were premade in the kitchen and drowned in dressing. raw or not - I gross out with dressing - yuck I hate it. - so looked at the vego stuff and chose a toasted turkish bread with rocket, grilled eggplant and marinated zuccini - pretty damned yummy. Lilly had scrambled eggs on turkish bread - which I helped her finish. I also had 2 coffees today.

Dinner was light - given I had a cooked meal for lunch - so went with another green smoothie - made with grapes, a banana and pac choi.


  1. I haven't had a live green smoothie with honeydew for awhile, and I *love* smoothies with melon!

    I also prefer some ice blended into my smoothies - it does improve the texture, IMO. and if you like creamy, you can add hempseeds and raw coconut oil!

    I don't know what cos lettuce is, tho -- what is that?

  2. oh - and cos lettuce - in the US its called Romaine lettuce - its the lettuce that is used in ceasar salads most popularly


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