Sunday, March 8, 2009

Snacks and temptations

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Had a really rough night last night. Both Morgan and Lilly went in tag team with vomiting and diahorrea - came on pretty suddenly and very violently. Unsure what caused it. So I was pretty tired this morning and unprepared for the day.

Age made a very green smoothie for breakfast - cos lettuce, blueberries and an apple. It was pretty thick - but I glugged it down thankfully.

We had planned to go to Movie world for the morning - as we had a baby shower to go to in the afternoon. With the kids a bit quiet and me tired, I wasn't particularly keen but the kids were begging... so we packed a few snacks and went to enjoy some of the quieter things.

Lunch comprised of grapes, cashews and a green juice. Confession here - I bought Age a salami ( 98% meat and fermented not cooked) and I ate a few delicious mouthfuls...

Despite the great looking spread of chocolate cake, dips, sandwiches and biscuits at the Baby Shower, I kept to the water.

Getting home we had a plate of snacks - pictured here - some really juicy dates, grapes, nuts, blueberries, beans and crunchy apples.

I am feeling a bit deflated and 'in lacking'.. I think... have been doing some research on yummy recipes - so have ordered some of the rarer ingredients and hope they come real soon - there is a cheese cake I can't wait to make.....

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