Tuesday, March 17, 2009

another nearly 100% Day

Feeling a bit dejected and down about the whole food thing. Have several people in group who eat - really as they please and shedding weight like no-ones business... and here is me - trying really hard to do what could possibly be the strictest food plan out , failing and falling down on it and beating myself up constantly about it.

coupled with the comment from the kids - "when can we eat real food mummy?" Its just so hard to keep going.

Still - apart from 2 cups of roiboss tea and a coffee this morning, done well again today.

Breaky was a green smoothie made on mixed lettuce leaves, banana and mango and I also had a peach.

Lunch was an apple, some slices of watermelon and honeydew melon and a handful of almonds

Afternoon tea was my salt and vinegar nuts ( about 2 handfuls) and some soy sauce nibbles

Dinner was vietnamese rice wraps - we put in carrot strips, advocado, sprouts, tomato, broccali and olives. pretty damed good.

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