Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Feeling a bit munchy and just don't want to look at another apple or guac dip? Missing the evils of chips and crisps? hummmmmmm me too - so I have made these two tantilising treats to munch on...

Salt and Vinegar nuts - for when you are missing those yummy ( and bad) chips

take a quantity of almonds ( a few handfuls is enough - make these fresh everytime you want them.. better that way.) and cover them with an even amount of filtered water and vinegar. ( if you are are totally strict about 100% raw - source a raw version of vinegar.. lemon and lime juice will also get you a similar effect)

soak for at least 12 hours

drain and pour about 1 tbsp of virgin olive oil over the top and toss about - trying to coat each nut.

Grind in celtic sea salt ( or similar) - more than you would think. Toss

lay out onto sheets in dryer and dry at LOW temp or setting for at least 24 hours.


My next little experiement was a soy sauce type nut and seed deal.. I got a bit excited withthe soy sauce - so I have written half the amount i used.

equal amounts of pumpkin seeds, seseme seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds and brazil nuts

put into blender and pulse momentarily - you only want it to break up into large chunks.

add 5 tables spoons of soy sauce ( get a raw version if 100% Raw) and toss well.

spoon into dehyrdator and set on low for 30 odd hours.

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