Tuesday, March 17, 2009

being a bit relaxed

Trying to be a bit more relaxed about the whole 100% thing. I had a honeydew melon smoothie for breakfast ( and a coffee)
We went to gymnastics for Lilly and had lunch out - so I chose a vegetable stir fry - which was a bit odd as it had lettuce and fresh tomatos in it as well. nice - but a strange combo.

Afternoon tea was some cashews and almonds and a peach.

Dinner was eaten at the Loving Hut( again) - a bit obsessed with the place I can tell you... I had the satay sticks ( vege chunks and tofu ona stick with satay sauce) and the Beiging Blackbean - slivers of tofu and veges in blackbean sauce with rice. It was really good!

Feeling ok about it all..

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