Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Raw Day

Boiled the kettle about 5 times this morning and just didn't get round to making my cuppa - so didn't end up having one today.

I think my tastes have simplified - either that or I just can't be bothered preparing anything - but I am just as happy to grab out some fruit , have a handful of nuts or have a green smoothie ( and alternating the greens of course!!)

Breaky was a green smoothie - which was surprisingly nice - and VERY green. I bought some mixed lettuce and salad leaves ( you know the type) - so a few good handfuls of that , a small bunch of grapes, water and a banana.. really good!!

Lunch was some watermelon, blueberries and two nectarines.

Afternoon tea was a selection of soaked almonds, brazil nuts, grapes and melon pieces.

Dinner was a green smoothie, some guacamole and a banana. The green smoothie this time was rockmelon, apple, spinach leaves and water. truly learnt!!

Confessions - I ate 2 red jelly snakes and a mouthful of Milo straight from the tin.... reason? it was there and I hadn't eaten before either event for several hours. lesson learnt - always have stuff on hand... We still have a few evil naughties in the cupboard - which includes a tin of Milo.

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