Thursday, March 5, 2009

breaking the 100% today

Ok - so I am starting out a bit topsy turvey today - There is a new cafe just opened and I have decided to break the 100% RAW to go there. Now before you freak out - its a Vegan place - which has had rave reviews since it opened last week. The Loving Hut is gorgeous and I can see it as a favourite hang out. I had the Vietnamese rolls - nearly raw - for starters and a rice dish for mains... and a chocolate NOTcheesecake ( made from a tofu product) which has to be tasted to be believed.

It was really nice - but I am now feeling a bit heavy and yick - even though it was vegan food.... AND its really cheap... so if you are in Brisbane - check it out....

Started this morning off with a green smoothie - made with a mix of lettuce leaves and banana and some fruit salad left overs.. I def think my tastes are changing as this was really nearly too sweet to drink. more greens are needed me thinks..

Mid morning I had a cup of gold - my organic coffee and raw milk - oh I am in heaven... and an apple.

Lunch was a green salady thing - good old left overs - my almond dip from a few days ago was the dressing - to that I added cut up tomato's and spinach leaves. I tossed and left for half an hour to meld the flavours.. pretty yummy.

Afternoon tea was a carrot, apple and celery juice. The kids love helping out making the juice -and Morgan begs for this juice all the time.. He is so good with this.

And dinner - well - that's above.... As Age says - its the best choice for your outcome. Vegan is a step from raw - so even the notcheesecake left me feeling unclogged and lighter than a normal one would have.

I'll be going back there on Tuesday for a girls lunch - but I think will stick with one of their salads..

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