Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just desserts.....yum

Back to 100% raw today and feeling more positive about it all. Age and I chatted about possibilities and agreed it was very difficult to remain 100% raw when you are away from your own environment. Most of the people we know - or know of - who are 100% raw, work from home. My choices when out will have to be raw where possible – or vegan if cooked. I have a very acidic system and this is the main reason I have not been able to shift weight regardless of what diet I follow. As long as I have a green smoothie a day and raw where possible I will remain on the alkalizing trend.

We had honeydew melon smoothie for breakfast – just honeydew and ice whizzed up. I think it needs mint and lemon – so will try that tomorrow – or put some lettuce in it.( got HEAPS)

We had banana splits for part of lunch – yum…. A banana cut down the middle – dollop cashew cream ontop, sprinkle crushed nuts and chopped dried fruit and drizzle yucon syrup over the top.. LUSH!

Lunch was the favoured guacamole and carrot and broccai dippers and crunchy tomato salad.

Crunchy Tomato Salad

Punnet of cherry Tomatoes – cut in half
Handful of basil leaves roughly torn up
Handful of sunflower sprouts cut into smaller pieces
Handful of bean sprouts
Good spoon fuls of olives
Mix and let sit for half an hour or so.

Choc cherry pie for afternoon tea – with a good dollop of cashew cream.

Dinner was a green smoothie – lettuce leaves, honeydew melon and a banana.

Today I also drank 2 cups of coffee.

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