Friday, March 13, 2009

Fri thirteenth

tis a slippery slope once you start it off....

started off well - but ended badly - for a raw foodist that is.
I went to the markets today with a friend - we are shopping now for 10 people! So had boxes and boxes of produce to courier back and forth. Found soem great bargains -a huge box of mixed lettuce leaves for $1 boxes of mangoes - very ripe - for 50cents a box, melons for a few dollars a box of 8 or so... So I have some work in front of me to peel and freeze or dry what I can.

had two green smoothies today - one made from the mixed lettuce and the other from chinese greens. I also ate a few handfuls of nuts, three apples and a pear.

It got a bit crazy after school pick up - Morgan had a school disco to go to, then we had to go to new Farm to the Powerhosue to see Adam Hills at the comedy festival. Amongst gettng things in order for uncle Jamie ot look after the kids, getting ready and getting M

A glass of LassiLassii

organ to his disco on time, I didn't eat. and then had to rush off..... it was nealry 10.30 before I had the chance to eat - and I was starving and in an Indian resteraunt with the most wonderful smells everywhere. I overate - I over ordered and was ravenous... I did eat vegan though.. cooked.. but vegan...oh = hangon - I had 2 lassi - so that doesn't count... damn it....
I really don't know how anyone can do raw if they have a life outside of home.. If I am at home I can easily do raw - its just when I go out into the big bad commercial world that sucks big time....sigh......

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