Saturday, March 14, 2009

Party Temptations

Started the day off with a coffee as I felt gross after last night. Followed it up with an apple ( love my apples in case you haven't noticed) Not sure if its physiological or physical - probably a bit of both - letting myself down and not being 100% after nealry 45 days....Took Morgan to his first training session of footy this morning = and had to be involved too - my catching and throwing skills stink!!

Had a birthday party to go to - at Wet and Wild - with the kids. Had a hoot.

I made guacamole and took carrot and celery sticks - as well as some rice crackers, apples and bananas. I made the kids some cheese rolls and we took plenty of water.

Again - we were all too busy having fun to eat or be worried about food - snacked here and there all day. The fruit was great to munch on and was good to have an alternative to what was on offer. I admit to having a bought coffee and three red jelly snakes... damn those red ones.... Managed to stay away from the chips and twisties.. but did fall foul of the plain rice crackers.

We went to visit a girlfriend who has just had a baby afterwards. the kids were besides themselves with tiredness and her mum was so kind in getting them food and looking after them while I caught up with my girlfriend. They had some scrumptious rice stirfry and pumpkin soup but I managed to stick with the water.

Got home and had a cup of tea and a few more glasses of water. Thought about making something for dinner - but couldn't be bothered - so ate some Brazil nuts and cashews... determined to get back on the right path again....

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