Monday, March 30, 2009

getting there

Had two green smoothies today - and am being very mindful that I not use the same greens in the same day. Lunch was bought out at a cafe - just a normal salad - tomato, lettuce cucumber and capsicum..ho hum..

I snacked on our abundant supply of apples and the drier has just finished some dried bananas - which was immediately gobbled up by my starving children - the peach was really good and the chips of kiwi fruit were delightful. As an experiment I dried slices of limes - which the kids promptly ate - saying they were like sour lollies.. weirdos. Age has taken a bag of them to work and will pop one in his glass every time he has water.

For dinner we has good old Guacamole, I did eat some rice crackers with it - and a fab tomato salad - as well as slices of pineapple and pears. Age made a juice of mostly apples and some carrots - which a few months ago I know I would have loved - but it was a bit sweet!! didn't stop me drinking it though.

Fab Tom Salad

handful of salt and vinegar almonds
handful of stuffed olives
huge handful each of parsley and basil - chopped roughly
cherry tomatoes
big dollop of guacamole

I mixed it up and left it half an hour to blend in together - and it was YUM!

I am having real fats and salt cravings - so will go and buy some more capers and some pickled onions. Am dreaming of pickled eggs - but will have to settle with the not quite 100% raw onions and olives .

Confessions Age had some biscotti hidden away from xmas- which I am not blaming him for in anyway - but I ate 3 small slices ( we are talking a mouthful each slice) how blissful it was - but pretty sugary. I also had 3 cups of brewed coffee, 2 red jellybabies ( from Morgans lollybag from the party yesterday) and about half a cup of steamed rice - I shared Lillys lunch and she had steamed rice and salad - I got most of her salad and some of her rice)

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