Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RAW Chocolate

4 handfuls of cashews – soak in filtered water for 2 hours
4 tablespoons of agarve syrup
2 tablespoons cacoa powder
4 tablespoons of cacoa butter

I blended the cashew nuts first – then added the other ingredients slowly. Take care in blending as this mixture might get warm ( thus destroying good nutrients)

If you leave the cacoa butter out on the bench for the same amount of time you are soaking the nuts – it will be soft enough to easily blend in.

Spread into tin and put into fridge for a few hours to set.
Cut into squares and put into airtight container keeping in the fridge.
I am not sure how long this keeps as it never lasts more than a few days here.

This is not a super sweet recipe – nor is it rich - It turns out like a very creamy milk chocolate and melts in your mouth.

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