Monday, March 2, 2009

Short and sweet.

Short and sweet today. Started out today with a carrot, apple and celery juice and a fruit salad plate.. Am thinking that I need to grow wheatgrass again - but had a really bad batch a few years back and still have not quite gotten over it.

I had an apple and a cup of tea ( I have run out of my coffee and refuse to drink instant muck - ikkkk) for morning tea.

Lunch I am afraid I succumbed to temptation. Lilly and I had been invited out to lunch to catch up with a friend. Typically there was nothing vegetarian other than the chips and quiche - I was sorely tempted with a prawn curry or a beef stir fry - perhaps I may have been better served to ask if they would just do a vege stir fry.... anyway - I went with the quiche and salad. I didn't have to fear it was overladen with cheese - I doubt any came near it - so it was more like a egg custard and spinach - not unpleasant though.

The salad accompanying it was as expected - a HUGE mound of lettuce and a slice of tomato with some wafer thin pieces of cucumber.. whoo hoo - go hard... AND it came with a side serve of chips (probably a dozen or so long thick cut chips). How I wish I had just sent it straight back or poured them onto Lillys plate... but no - I munched every delightfully wicked one and dipped them into sauce... so there.

Feeling guilty I went to the shops and bought a few punnets of blueberries -which Lilly and I devoured - one each before we got home.

I still feel sick - so it serves me right. For dinner I made carrot soup and guacamole with carrot and broccoli dippers. Dessert was a delightful mound of blueberries, melon and apple pieces.

When the heck does the piousness of eating healthily kick in?

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