Monday, April 20, 2009

Dinner time is for picking

Getting back into the raw foods each meal and for some reason just don't feel like going the whole gourmet preparing thing. I attempted to make ravioli - and failed miserably. My slicer was broken, my whirly thing that makes wafer thin slicers has its blade so blunt it woudln't cut anything and the electric whizz bang thing Age bought me lays in the cupboard - all its fancy bits sitting there, glaring up at me defying me to put it together - in short- I am a feeb and no idea how to put it all together.. slot B into section A.. got no idea. He has shown me a few times - but I honestly can't see how it fits together - all the interchangable blades is all very nice - but only if you can used the damned thing.

Anyways - here is what we had for dinner - sliced up sweet potato ( after I couldn't get it to be thin slices to wrap the cashew nut cheese in) and my ever changing Tomato Salad - this time featuring bean sprouts. Lilly kept picking out the tomato and morgan ate (I am sure) half a jar of sliced olives.

Have got some more raw cereal in the dehydrator - and I think it will be a great batch.. I put pineapple in it..... recipe and photo when it comes out.

Have also devised a different raw vege cracker - its dehydrating at the moment - but I will see if its a disaster before crowing about its qualities... my past ones have been met with luke warm receptions.

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