Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ice Cream Green Smoothie

Now before you completely freak out - there is no dairy or even icecream in this smoothie... but its the best and yummiest I think I have made. Admitedly its a bit sweeter and more fruit in than previously - but I have been feeling a bit yick about the whole raw food thing and needed some nurturing. I usually don't go near Mangos as I think they are gross - but for some reason it really workd in this smoothie for me - I couldn't taste or smell the mangoy stench ( my opinion.... ikkk usually they are gross!!)

Icecream Green Smoothie

2 pack choy
1 large slice pineapple
1 mango - frozen pieces
1 glass water

whizz whizz - it went a delightful light green shade.

a word of warning though - I left a smidge in the lender and within 5 mins it had seperated. Within 20 mins it had gone a ghastly brown colour.

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